Serena Earbuds are the latest innovation from the Hear+Hi, a subsidiary of GMEMS Technolobies, Inc. As one of the largest micro-electromechanical systems (MEMS) microphone manufacturers in the world, we focus on bringing hearing health assistive smart headsets to the consumers worldwide.

In our daily life, we're exposed to a variety of loud noises and hums. To tune them out, we are often inclined to turn up the volume of whatever music, podcast, or audiobook we happen to be listening to. Each time we do this, we risk permanent damage to our hearing. Active noise cancelling comats the need to raise the volume. However, at very loud volumes, the health benefits of ANC disappear. This is because the technology works by picking up background noise, inverting the sound, and then playing it back to the listener as additional sound on top of their selected audio content. If effective, these extra sound waves neutralize background noise and allow listeners to decrease the volume, resulting in less overall strain on the ears. If ineffective, and the listener still must listed at unsafe levels to hear their audio clearly, these extra soundwaves can do more harm than good.


Having learned from the mistakes of our competitors, we developed Su[er ANC technology to make Serena Earbuds 10 times more effective at canceling background noise than any existing earphones. It is our hope that this technology will make safe listening possible for more people at more times.